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May 21, 2008


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Love your sketching style, and especially like your crabs!

I am completely enchanted with this acrylic. I spent some time painting with acrylics and love it's versatily. This painting is now my favorite and colors are so rich and delish!

Beautiful. Great to see your style in a different medium. really beautiful, Laura.

Un très beau rendu à l'acrylique. Je voudrais mettre ces "messieurs" (!) au mur.
Bravo, Laura!

Yum, I just had soft shell crabs for dinner...

You know that legend about the samurai who turn into crabs? This has something of an heraldic look--two crabs surmounted on the Japanese sun-symbol.

I love this Laura...seems they can get up and crawl off the plate any minute!I love everything about the sea, so it would be nice to see more of that island in the Bering sea!

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