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June 22, 2008


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Oh my golly - acrylics TOOOOOO!
Those rocks are just wonderful.

Wait ... you mean a Mac can crash????
;-/ So so SO very sorry for your computer troubles. It is so frustrating!

I can, through my own experience, feel your exasperation. When I lost 25,000 photos last year, I finally, after 8 hours on the phone with AppleCare, was able to rebuild the library manually. However, I got back 40,000 pictures (the originals as well as anything I'd cropped or enhanced) and all of them had lost their organization.
I wish for you a good dose of serenity.

Thanks so much, buddies. We're on the road to recovery.

Hope you didn't lose anything. I guess that's a plus for paintings, the originals are never on the computer!

OH NO!!! I hope it's all solved quickly. There will be horrible withdrawal symptoms for many Laurelines addicts around the globe. Maybe we should start a support group to get us through this?

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