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June 05, 2008


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Wow, thanks a lot, you all! What fun to see new names here, and, as always, what a thrill to see the tried and trues ;D. Steph, I find sketching on a plane helps me forget that my legs are way too long for the available space!

I Googled "self portrait blind contour drawings" and got your blog! I'm glad I did, I really like your art! I started an art class and that's what ewe are learning to do. Blind contour is surprisingly fun!

Have a great hair day! Becci

Love these... especially the first two. I love the way you use color!

Catching up again on your blog and, as always, enchanted by your brushwork! It's amazing! You're so fluent, even on a jam-packed commercial airflight! How do you manage to focus on a plane?!

Just fantastic Laura, I could look at these for hours, just like the sea...

Wow, I just got home to see these stunningly beautiful water paintings. You have captured the pacific ocean in the most amazing way.

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