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June 17, 2008


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Noticed a link to these 2008 drawings - what fun to see what you saw in my city!

Even these aren't water pictures they're very splashy anyway, with bright colors splashed across my screen.

Hi Laura,
I love your painting of homage to Matisse, and the rocks and water, and the fountains, and the cardoons. There's really nothing I don't love, you do it all so very well, that it moves me to no end.

oh i LOVE the fountain, and the matisse homage...

are you available for hire? i am looking for an illustrator for the cover of my poetry book, The Pirate Queen.

[email protected]

Beuaitful lively sketches Laura all in wonderful colours1

I think your lively flag is my favourite, set against that lovely rigging. They are all wonderful, as usual, Laura, colour and line so confident and vibrant. Sigh - I'm always more in awe of your sketches when I return from a trip where I fail to sketch.

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