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June 11, 2008


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Cardoons! I've never heard of them. Just looked it up. I do recognise those flowers, but it's considered a weed in Australia apparently.

Why, thank you, you good people! Lucy, cardoons and artichokes are kissing cousins. Marly, I want to see you! Let's make a plan. And, yes, I found fountains. Steph, wouldn't it be fun to paint together for a weekend? Kate, you're my hero. My other buddies---you're the tops!

OH, this just makes me SMILE. You're SUCH a virtuoso with the watercolor brush, laura! I wish you could tutor me for a weekend so I could get a jump start on travel sketching! Seriously!!!

Laura -- what a magnificent painting! I love the russet ink with the watercolor -- it doesn't overwhelm the eye like black ink would. Fantastic!

What a travelling person you are!

I live these, they are rather like artichokes, I think that range of coulours may be one of my favourites... gorgeous, as ever.

The cardoons are wonderful. Great colors and brushwork.

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