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August 10, 2008


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I can't stop looking at this middle painting. I think it is one of the best you have ever done - it's luminous and uncannily realistic.

<3, your daughter C

Thanks so much, buddies, for all the good wishes and cheers! They helped a lot. This past week has been an improvement over the previous one. I hope the same is true for all of you. Robyn, I agree that every woman should have a (not my) David ;D.

Beautiful stuff! You are very talented.

i truly adore everything you produce.

if you change your mind i still want to use you for my book!!

What vibrant and energetic colors-the reds and purples; are they reflective of sixes and sevens? None the less beautiful. I wish you tens and elevens all weekend my dear-good thing your man is your rock, a good man is hard to come by!

Thankfully, I am blessed to have one too. :) Hope you are feeling right as sunshine soon! XOX

Gorgeous work, the top one is beautifully vibrant and luscious.

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