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August 10, 2008


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Wow. I thought the change and turmoil was just me ... and D and sis and daughter ... huh. What's up with that?
What HASN'T changed (except for the better, if that's even possible) is how wonderful your portrait work is. Beautiful!

Wonderfull flowers.

Your colours are wonderfully rich and glowing and so controlled. You're working your new techniques beautifully, gal!

Turmoil seems to be in the air right now... hope your's goes away soon. Your work is wonderful

The sketch of your husband is just wonderful, beautiful lines, very simple approach but very effective. I've got those pens on my birthday list, fingers crossed I don't get a toaster ;-)

I love your big, bold flowers and the mingling of the pigment in the vase is so beautiful, Laura. More of these big juicy watercolours with the dramatic backgrounds would be wonderful.

Major things seem to be going on for many people at present - and I don't know why. Most of it seems to be about change and one does like to think one can control that. I really rebel when I can't. I do hope your turmoil is settling and 'feet up with cool glass of wine' is doing the trick. ;)

David is tranquillity personified in your drawing. Every woman should have a 'David'.

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