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September 23, 2008


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hello Laura, I'm following with interest your blog and love your paintings and sketches. Great works!

Laura ... Thanks to you, Casey and I are so happy to have so many nice friends in North Carolina. How can we ever thank you for your kindness? We'll be talking about our trip to Chapel Hill and Charleston for quite a while; we had such a wonderful time !
We are looking forward to meeting you and David in Paris during your next trip over.
You all are having so much fun drawing that I'm thinking that maybe I should buy some paper, pastels and join the group !
A bientot.

I love those rich blues on your cherubs.

Thanks so much, dear commenters! We had a fantastic time with Casey and Michel, as you can plainly see. I also had fun sketching those cherubs again---they're a lot to look at!

Beautiful sketches as ususal Laura...and of course I'll recognize Casey's laugh anywhere(hearing and seeing!)

very nice!
i like drawings :-)

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