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September 23, 2008


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Oh my - I don't remember the joke, but it must have been a good one! What a great party that was - Michel and I loved meeting all those wonderful people. And to anyone that hasn't heard - Laura is an amazing cook!
I love those cherubs, Laura - and it's wonderful to see the evolution in your sketching technique. Your use of color on those cherubs is masterful.

Your cherubs are beautifully free and lively! Interesting to see the drawing comparison--thanks for posting that.
Your dinner party looks like a hoot! --love the placemats. And what a lovely book from Casey--I can't wait to see what you fill it with!

Those sketches are full of verve.

The gift Casey gave you looks beautiful! And so does she! Glad you had fun during her visit, Laura. Your cherubs are just cherubic. ;) I'll look forward to Casey's posts, too!

Hey the light on your cherubs is extremely wonderful! What an energy!

Wonderful photo of Casey having a great time, Laura and I fancy I can hear your laughter in the background. And I couldn't put it better than Marly regarding the loose and frolicksome nature of your lines. There is a choir in Florence you really must capture.

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