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September 07, 2008


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Expect an offer from Icelandic Tourism any minute, Laura you really have painted a glorious and enticing picture - pictures - of a beautiful place. Wow! I just want to curl up in that cosy hotel and spread lashings of butter on their homemade bread.

Your gorgeous seascape is a wonderful taste of where you might now head with your water paintings - wonderful.

I will enjoy imaging you and Casey together, practising for a trip to Tuscany. ;) Have a great time and please share.

Gorgeous, all of it. What fun to SEE, really see, what you saw!

Just gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to Iceland and now you make me want to even more!

Oh gosh, everything looks just fabulous!!! and what fun ot have Casey visit.

Very nice artwork altogether, and such a variety of images. My favorite of all is the mug of coffee with cream- love the colors.

Wonderful, amazing and fantastic. Your drawings/paintings are so beautiful, Laura! Now I want to go to Iceland too...
Actually, I have to admit I didn´t know they had reindeer over there. Northern Sweden is full of them, but I never heard of any in Iceland. I live in total ignorance here...

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