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September 30, 2008


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great painting of your work in progress in your studio. all your work is sooo gorgeous!

Thanks so much, everyone. It's quite a time here in our part of the world! I'll be posting as we go.

Congrats! I love your wonderful sketches, can't wait to see the baby in the future. My daughter just gave birth to twins and this week I have soaked up the joy of being a Nana again. I have posted pictures of my newest grandbabies on my blog. It must be something in the air!

Did I say Slow Cooking? Of course I meant Slow Food!

This is the happiest news I've heard of late! How joyful for you, Laura - not to mention K and her husband. Your self portrait with K expresses it all really - brilliant happiness.

As for being a 'slow' painter - I doubt you could be slower than I. You've heard of Slow Food, maybe we will catch on - The Slow Art Movement. Delicious?

While I don't do the 'baby thing', I am very pleased for you and must say that is a lovely composition of yourself and K - so full of life and innocent late 1970's optimism.

I love that you've painted your studio too which is surely quite unusual (though I must admit I don't move in arty circles often enough to know how unusual!)

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