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September 30, 2008


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What a wonderful and exciting time for all of you! Yes, I can understand your feelings of anticipation and wanting everything to be all right and so it shall be. Our four are yet to take that path and for now I am quite happy about it. Two are in college, one working in an appreticeship and the oldest is in the insurance industry. The painting of you and K is lovely, really it is. You're turning out more paintings in a week than I have all year. I'm afraid my carpal tunnel has been getting the best of me though I am flexing my hand muscles and started to sketch a bit again. I really do miss it so. I look forward to seeing illustrations of you daughter, son in law and baby. Best wishes to all of you! :)

XOX Maggie

that painting of you and your daughter is magnificent. it simply moves and breathes.

I wonder what that baby will name you... My first named my mother "Mamama," and it stuck. I've heard of others who are "Guggy" and sillier.

Lucky you, lucky baby.

Oh, congratulations!!! How wonderful it must be. I love the portrait, and agree -- you should be sure K gets it. So sweet. I'm grinning for you!!

BTW-Do you suppose we can get your K to drop my S a note telling her to quit putting things like this off!! ?

What a beautiful self-portrait - and I'm sure I'd recognize K just from her lovely eyes which are so much like yours. I wonder if the new baby will inherit them too?
I love both of these sketches - as usual, such beautiful color!
And yes - don't forget to let us know when the baby comes!

What a sweet painting of you and your daughter. You are going to LOVE being a grandmother. It is the best of life's many sweet gifts!

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