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September 13, 2008


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These are beautifully photos and painting!
You've got a great shots. Amazing Iceland.

Your Iceland photos are simply breathtaking. And your painting is beautiful, beautiful.

Gorgeous photos! I'd love to go in Iceland now, you made me dream! Your drawing of the sea and rocks is fantastic.

Like that first image so much--I'd like to be in a little bobbing boat on the shallows. And those little furry green creatures on the flats!

And you are the mistress of water.

What wonderful comments! Thank you very much, kind people! Katherine, I can't remember exactly which part of Point Lobos this image derived from. I don't paint in that literal way, anyway. I'm using bits from various photos and sketches to convey the kind of energy and movement I want to capture in my paintings. Peggy and Peggi, thank you, dear hearts. And Laura and Laura, too ;D. And to all the dear hearts, for that matter, thanks one more time.

What lovely photos and what an inspirational blog! It's sites like this that make me want to practise art. I know most of us can do it if we only try long and hard enough, it's just getting on with it.....

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