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September 13, 2008


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is wonderful...I really must spell check BEFORE I post!

The painting of the rocks and water in Point Lobos are absolutely goregous. It makes me homesick for California and the ocean. We do have two lakes that we walk/run and bike around here that is full of wildlife so that helps.

The gold color reminds me of the color I am trying to decide for my kitchen (see blog-help,I need your expert color advice!). I also like the photo of you, one of the few you share :) and I have stashed it away!

Have a wonderful Monday...I am fiddling on the computer as I have a few minutes to spare before heading to the dentist, then work. The clouds are dark and rumbling, we are getting rain...

XOX Maggie

Fabulous! You're the kitten's whiskers, dear Laura!

Truly amazing scenery. Wow!

Such amazing light..the most prominent I see in all of your photos. It is beautiful.
I loved your sketches in the previous post too and lastly, say hi to Casey(if they haven't been yet) and have fun!!

Such amazing light in Iceland...so prominently in all your photos!and I loved our sketches in the previous post.
And then say hi To Casey(if they haven't been yet)and have fun!!

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