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October 12, 2008


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The images brings relaxation and a feeling of being close nature upon seeing one by one. It has a serene impact to anyone who's viewing it. If you found it interesting, you may also find my background as interesting once the meaning has been revealed.
Here: http://www.zookland.com

Fantastic, dear Louise! Am so pleased and happy for you. Beautiful work - and you can see that aurora borealis from your house! Ha ha! xo

I am LOVE with that second painting - it's so tranquil, the colors are magnificent, and the light just shines... beautiful work

your water paintings are really really lovely. I like that they are reflecting your sketchbook style, which is of course YOU, just like your handwriting.
Love the photos of the flowers/northern lights....It probably helps that your windows are clean! :-)

congrats on grandson!

Many leafy wishes for a safe baby arrival, and soon.

These are scrumptious, magical leaves.

Yes, I love the northern lights as well. I have seen them many times as far as Lake Placid and north of there. It's one of the consolations of not being in my proper climate zone!

So here is an aurora borealis poem for you, written about seeing a very pale version over the lake. It's a bit dour, though, because I still don't like being cold. Scroll down to the third poem:


Beautiful, these are just beautiful.

Any word on the babbie yet?

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