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November 09, 2008


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enjoy your trip! Sounds wonderful--I'll be watching for your sketches.

Clearly I need to take time to look at more of the EDM links. This is terrific and inspiring work!

This is such a beautiful sketch. I love what you have done with the colour, and the pencil work is delightful too. I shall be looking in again to see the results of your trip!

I love this—it looks so on the move, everything twisting here and there, the splashing, the scary teeth on the horse rearing back, plus the fun you're obviously having splashing frisket and putting blue and orange in all the shadows. And I'm happy that you left the doorway bare in the background. I'm so fussy I would have felt obliged to paint it in! I learn a lot from you. I would also like to learn...about Barcelona, because I am renting a place there for a month in December and have never been. Will be watching this blog carefully. ;)

Wonderful! Have a great trip--safe travels!

Beautiful job! Did you see the mustangs statue? I grew up in Austin....long ago, middle of last century (now that makes me feel really old!!!). When we moved from there in 1968 it was a population of 100,000!!! I still like Austin, but it's a CITY where it used to feel like a hometown!

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