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December 14, 2008


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Thanks, my friends! I do think participating in Urban Sketchers is really energizing me. That and my newfound love for brush pens account for the differences some of you notice in these sketches. Thelma, so glad you're back! I'll email you re a short visit to Paris I'm making for the new year!

I love that strong charactefrcvul teree you sketches Laura...he looks like he has a heartbeat! And I love that leaisurely captured second stereet scene. And again...have a wonderful season.

Wonderful sketches, as always, Louise. Hope you and yours are having a lovely holiday season. Just back from NYC and Philadelphia and have brought the flu home, alas. Will catch up w/ you soon. xoxox

Jana's right - there is something slightly different about this batch. I'm particularly attracted to the third one from the top - the composition is really nice. And the ones of Kate and Jonas are gorgeous - in the last one you've captured so much.

Are these the brush pens again? As soon as I arrived on your blog and saw this page I was struck by how these are different from your usual sketches but couldn't quite put my finger on it until I read the next post about the brushes. They're very effective with your wonderful fluid lines.

wonderful sketches as usual me dear. Mother and child especially, modern madonna! Very seasonal.

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