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January 17, 2009


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Thanks for all your great comments, everybody! Susan, you're right--I seem to have hit on a topic many can relate to! Captain Elaine, you're so right, too. And Miss Kate, you're ALWAYS right ;D.

I really like this work.


I love the expressions on both of them - beautifully done, Laura. I feel better after contemplating them for a while.

Wow, he's scary! Great drawing. The other picture isn't coming through by the way - not sure why. It might just be blocked to this PC, it's a bit random in what it does...

Funny how trying to protect and transform brings out the Bishamonten in us. I adore Guanyin's merciful haughtiness - delightful sketches as always, Laura!

What wonderful, fluid drawings! Powerful too!

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