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January 21, 2009


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Thanks for your comments---they are greatly appreciated, as always. Marly, I'd love to paint your rusty urn, all covered with snow. Some winter, maybe.
Oh, the red velvet cupcakes had natural and healthy food coloring, lest you worry that I'm going to keel over from toxic doses of Red Dye Number 2! You weren't worried? Oh.

Always fun to stop by and see what you're up to. Cool dog and cupcake!


Delicious sketch! I'll go for the hot dogs and cupcakes anytime over pheasant and champagne. One Coca-Cola or iced tea, please.

A five-hour wait for take-off?!! Yikes! That's as miserable as your chilly sketch. Hot dogs and cupcakes are a perfect treat on a snowy day. Chili is nice too.

Sounds like a great lunch to me!
We had champagne (lots) and hamburgers for a French American take on things!
I love the contrast in mood between these two sketches.

I love the transparent effect of the red and blue balloons. This whole sketch shouts with exuberance!

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