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January 07, 2009


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So glad that you are the sacrificial soused lamb on our behalf... Lovely images with those sharply-observed faces, as ever.

So sorry I missed you and David! Next trip, plan to be in Paris for longer. From these sketches, it looks like you had a great trip (despite the snowstorm, which you have to admit was beautiful)! xoxox

Merci, merci! I was a sketching maniac while we were there! Now, I'm sluggish and feeling the effects of the latest transAtlantic cold---but I'm so grateful I got to make the trip!

Through your sketches, I feel like back in Paris again! So love travelling vicariously with you!

It's still cold! I keep waiting for the snow to melt and it just won't.
I love your sketches - I was lucky enough to see some of them in person, and even to be there and see you in action! I love the touch of color behind David in the TGV sketch.

I'm just blown away, yet again. Ms Laura, these are absolutely beautiful.

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