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February 28, 2009


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Like the arabesque vines, and once again I find that Austin has a sense of humor.

Grackles LOVE Mexican food! I'm serious too.

Thanks, buddies! Lucy, I can well imagine you didn't! And I look forward to all sorts of adventures in September! Thank you, Miguel--you're wonderfully nice and your English is great. Betty, we should meet at the cupcake stand next time! Cathy G, it's those Pitt brushpens---they make me act funny ;D.

Laura, I love Grackles. They are one of my happiest memories of my visit to Austin several years ago. I am so glad one worked its way into your drawings!

I love the quirky "sites" you captured.

I didn't know about grackles until I started blogging, all the Texas and Arizona bloggers mention them!

Lovely to catch up, I specially like the fish. I must take you to the Mathurin Meheut museum when you come!

Oh, LOVE these! I'm glad you're back...and y'know, I like grackles and crows and starlings and other rude birds. They must like me too, they've decorated me more than once.

Great job, sweetie!

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