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February 05, 2009


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You go girl!! keep cookin!
I'm glad you're recovering well. love these sketches!

Thanks for the comments and good wishes! Deborah, you haven't missed them---I'll probably just send you links to archived posts until I have time to revisit the topic properly!

I love those pens too! The only one I have used is the black one - but you make me want to buy a whole set!
BTW - have I missed the studio pictures or am I just being overly-anxious to see them?
Thanks! Beautiful ARTWORK!!!

Like the frisky tree! And miss eating out in Chapel Hill. It's not the same here, though getting better, roundabout. Definitely miss walking there. I am too big a wimp for the deep snow walk.

Keep walking your way back into health, woman of persistence! What a grand thing persistence is--and you have it in art and life.

I love the airness of the tree, it really captures the season. I hope your great energy carries on into next week.

That seafood joint looks wonderful, Laura. Very much looking forward to your interior sketches. These pens work a treat for you.

Don't go absolutely mad with the exercise, you'll make the rest of us look very slack indeed. Great road to recovery though.

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