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February 21, 2009


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Just discovered your blog... it's a beauty. I'll be back to visit!

So while everyone else in the bakery was eating sweets, you were drawing just away? Mmm, I can actually smell those cakes from here. While French pastry is undeniably more sophisticated, I think American bakeries smell better - or is it just tied up with childhood memories?

Extremely satisfying cakes and no calories - lovely, Laura.

Garden sketch is great too. I always love your ellipses.

I could live in a bakery--just set up a cot and sleep right there. 'Course I'd be huge, but... These sweets are wonderful, Laura! And your garden sketch is beautiful. Soon, things will be blooming. The daffodils are bright and sunny already and the tulips are peeking up.

Laura, you have an absolute gift for bringing feeling and atmosphere to life - I can smell that bakery (the wedding cakes are sweetly spectacular too!) I'm also having trouble not repeating myself on two blogs - but I'm a lot less prolific than you are! - am happy to see your sketches wherever they pop up :)

Wowzer, those cupcakes look so real I almost wondered why you would put the real ones up. And those cones. both look so yummy.

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