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February 10, 2009


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Grand grab of character there, Laura. And I love the bright fishes.

Congrats on all the recent attention as well.

I'm visiting at the wrong end of the state from you but not coming east, alas. Need to but don't have time.

The fishy one is wonderful!

Thank you! These are the kind of sketches I most love to do! Linda, you must correct me if I'm wrong, but my experience is that a lot of the produce in Paris markets comes from Israel and other EU countries, so while you may (and assuredly are!) eating well in Paris, you may not be eating all that locally! The Raspail bio market is another matter ;D. Miss Kate, Missouri, California, and Florida ---the three citrus capitals of the US ;D.

What a wonderful glimpse into your life! I love that portrait.

We're trying to be more "locavores" too (love the term!) You've certainly made it inviting, and as beautiful as always...

Not much fresh stuff around at this time of year, siiigh...I'm guessing the organic blood oranges from my "CSA" didn't come from Missouri... ;-)

It's easy to eat locally in Paris with all of our markets. I'm so blessed to live here.

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