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March 29, 2009


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Oh Oh Oh, I love seeing your studio! I'm in the middle of moving off the dining room table to a corner in the basement. yeah!
Your place looks perfect! --and I love the water paintings! : )

Love your post and the new studio remodel, though I must admit I favored the old, messy one with so much character and history. So many creative activities had happened there it was clear to see. I can't wait to see the new one when it's been broken in and used for a while. Your paintings on the shelf are amazing, as is all your artwork. Thanks for posting these photos. Now about your Old Brushy - what do you use it for - acrylic or watercolor? It looks like it might not work for watercolor ...
Happy Easter, friend!

Dress on the stand reminds me window shopping on a beautiful summer's day. Just lovely! X0X Happy Easter!!!

I LOVED these comments!! And you're all so right--timetables are for the birds! Unless you have a show deadline, which I don't here. Robyn, I do sometimes leave things unfinished, but not often. But when something is dead, it's dead and all the art CPR in the world avails nothing. These two are still hale and hearty! Me, too ;D. Loretta, it's so nice to see you again---long time!

So tidy. Nice! And who cares for timetables anyway? Art shoudn't have a timeline...

Here's a toast to old hoary brushes! I really can't imagine how people do a painting a day...I can barely manage to draw several times w eek. But usually, I start 3 big pieces at a time and work round robin. Less pressure.

Not to worry, I'm sure your baby will be well worth the wait.

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