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March 16, 2009


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Lovely fish! Watercolor is awesome, but really hard for me to control, so I barely ever use it. You have a good handle on it!

Thank you so very much for your comments! Terry, I empathize---it was a severe drought in our area last year that led me to my search for watery topics to paint. Robyn, that's the ONLY piece of furniture the dog is allowed on and it has a special cushion she has to lie on, to protect the sofa!

I love you art.

Lovely sketches while waiting for your magic spot on a magic day! I am burning up with curiosity!

The sketches are astounding. The pencil one caught my attention immediately because you captured the casual poses so well, both the man and the dog are so natural and immediate.

At least you get rain. We are facing serious water shortages for the warm months in northern California. Your sketches are loose and wonderful to view. Absolutely love your masthead.

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