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April 14, 2009


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oh, I've always wanted to go to lotusland. I've seen photos. Your watercolors are so lovely, as always.
Southern California's pretty nice, isn't it?

Cacti have never been a favourite of mine but I think my taste is maturing since I've been drawing and I was inspired by KT's coloured pencil studies. Now I'm actually growing some in the garden.

Gorgeous sketches!

You did it!! Please come post this link on my Cactus Monday Mr Linky.

Now you know why I and so many others love cactus. And it is blooming season here also. Even more beauty!!

Magnifique !! bizzz

Great stuff! Lotusland...what a perfect name for a garden shop...that sells cactus? Those cacti in the top sketch look like martian plants. Isn't it wonderful, the abundance of shapes and sizes and textures of cacti?

Ah... leave it to Laura to go to the desert and find water!
;-D and just wait until Teri hears about your new fondness for cacti!

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