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April 14, 2009


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I started to like cacti after my visit to Arizona and New Mexico. There's something about seeing a lot of them together which helps you 'get it'. However I like their sculptural geometry and tedn to go in close for macro photographs.

That water in the fountain is quite luminous - lovely!

Ah, you and your fountains! Beautiful work! xoxox

Beautiful sketches and the cacti remarks got my smile for the day. I love any cactus and the flowers are so delicate and colorful. I'm happy you can enjoy them, too.

Hi Laura! I've linked your blog to mine. Take a look at my post "Lemonade Award" tomorrow. Hope you like it.

Wonderful cactus, but my favorite sketch is the bottom one - the colors you used for the water are perfect. All of these California sketches are just dripping with sun. (ok - block that metaphor, but you know what I mean!)

My sister and brother in law took me to a cactus garden in Las Vegas years ago, and you're right, I was astounded. You've really captured their range beautifully, Miss Laura...

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