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May 24, 2009


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Oh, how wonderful your supportive comments are! LOVE them! I do wish you could see the painting in person---the overall texture hangs together really well in real life. Thanks again, you buddies!

Wow - I love this Laura! I'm sort of speechless - sitting here hypnotized by the beautiful textures and composition, not to mention the gorgeous colors in this painting.
I can imagine how beautiful it is 'en vrai'. I hope I get to see it some day.

Fantastic painting Laura. Colors are perfect. Great composition.

I LOVE that painting of the chairs by the pool.

What beautiful pieces you show us today! Wow! I love this acrylic, the reflections on the water, the dark background, the appealing chairs, the shades and lights... and I love the sketches, they definitely have something of calligraphy to them! and to think they were just things swept away by the wind... I'm speechless!

Well, it was worth waiting for, sweetie! LOVELY. And DONE, hooray!!

And ahem, Sketching in Nature blog for those calligraphy bits?? *G*

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