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June 20, 2009


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I'm crazy about that pig up high---and I love your work!

Your work continues to amaze me. Your quick sketches are a wonderful as your finished work. I admire your dedication to drawing so often.

A week-old thank you! The wedding has knocked me off my work routine, but what a great way to be preoccupied!

I stopped by to see what you have been working on and am pleased you have had many successes. The restaurant looks like a great place to sketch. My favorite place to sketch is in a restaurant, too. Love your finished painting of the two chairs. Just delicious the way you have developed the painting with all the wonderful color in the reflections.

Dining, drinking and sketching is my favorite way to spend the evening. 95° is hot, just like Bali, so we will both be ready for Orlando?...

Got my tickets the other day.

mmmm. yum. wish we could've joined you. great sketching.

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