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July 02, 2009


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Wish you'd add in a guide to where for each!

OOh- I love them, Laura! I hope you were able to go out and do direct research, and eat lots of luscious food. I can't wait to see the guide - it will inspire us to visit your neighborhood again.

Very elegant sketches, I envy your ability to do this so well.

These will be a wonderful addition to any foodie script.

Laura, I absolutely love these -- you do black and white just as beautifully as you do color! Fantastic!
And the DS Lunar Black -- duly noted. That's very nice to know...

These are beautiful, Laura! Are these going to be published somewhere? If so, I hope you say where. They're all scrumptious-looking!

These are wonderful! I especially love the compositions and the way the objects in each image seem to be dancing on the page. I bet all these "value studies" will pay off too, in your next projects. Were these all done in DS Lunar Black (and ink)? They're very inspiring to see -- makes me want to do some black and white watercolor of my own!

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