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July 05, 2009


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Thank you, merci, and gracias!

This feather just blew me away. It is just wonderful. I have a beautiful dry point etching on my wall of a feather that a friend did, but this one even beats that.

Really lovely journal spreads, Laura... it's tough sometimes, I think, when we see other's journals and admire them, but our work is nothing like that... I'm trying to incorporate what I like, in my own way, while realizing I have to be true to myself. Your work is really very nice... liked your washes in the previous post, too! Brava!

'morning Laura,
Congrats on another beautiful family event. Glad you're heading out walking again and posting your delightful little vignettes.

LOVE this page!! Your work is wonderful!

Beautiful little cameos and the page designs add pizazz - glad you got out to play!

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