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July 19, 2009


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Ack, forgive me for not spell checking...my grammer is horrible as well. Next time!


I have always wanted to do a travel journal, however I alway seem to get caught up with taking photos rather than sitting sketching as we seem to always be on the go. Maybe I should sketch from my photos? I love to write and enjoy the notes you have taken along with yoru sketches. I particularly love the sketch from dinner at the inn. What kind of pen did you sketch with, the tip is quite thin? Thank you for the lovely comments, you are too kind, and I would welcome one of your hugs any day my dear! :)

Beautiful watercolours. I think the bottom one, with the crimson myrtle looks like a japanese painting or print. So graceful.

Thanks so much, buddies! Casey, get well, you'd BETTER ;D. Robyn, any chance you could make your way to Brittany?? Kate, does it tempt you to make a trip here, I hope ? Diahn, Sue, and Judy---so happy to read your comments.

That David does take you to the nicest places!! I've been missing your restaurant sketches, Laura but this one more than makes up. Can't stop looking at it.

The new journal will be a beautiful way for us to 'walk' with you - other than lucky Ms Casey, of course who WILL get to walk and sketch with you.

ooooooo.... love all of these Laura. especially the top and bottom ones. I think the colors are lovely.

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