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August 29, 2009


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Thank you, thank you! Danielle, it was lovely meeting you, too. Hope to see you in January. Mitzi, thank you for the good wishes. Marly, thank you---I did enjoy being with her. Kate, Gabi, and Miguel, dear people, thanks, too. My mother's condition IS improving slowly.

Remembered three out of four... but already knew you were memorable.

Hope you have a fine time with your mother despite the circumstances.

Forget? Hah - you underestimate your devoted readers! good health and good travels... M

Hi Laura!

It was really nice meeting you in Orlando. I hope we see you soon! Nice drawings!

-danielle m. from the Dalvero Academy

I always loved that one of your daughter...SO very beautiful in her pensive, serene look...

I'll be sending good thoughts for your mother's health Laura. I love what you wrote here "one-way tickets on the fast train to the past". So true. Hope that won't be the last boat you'll draw in Seattle and you'll have this city as a destination sometime in the future.

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