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September 06, 2009


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I'd completely forgotten you were aiming to visit Paris again! We're there at the end of the month before heading down (on a circuitous route) to the Loire and Ronell.

Let's check dates! I'll email you.

Ooooh, I am glad your mum's mending well, and that you're still on track. I'll e-mail you my phone no.

We were in Josselin a week or two ago.

That sounds like pretty good news all round, Laura. How exciting - France! Again!

As for the fountains - gorgeous sketches - but isn't if funny how there's always someone who wants to improve on a good thing. Reminds me of the polystyrene fountain the producers of the film, Under the Tuscan decided to erect in the heart of beautiful Cortona.

Oh I know the situation all too well, currently my MIL is recoperating from a stroke - "growing old ain't for sissies" I wish your mother all the best.
The fountains are lovely and I wish I were planning for a Parisian gettaway!

I love your sketches and these make me want to visit France.

Oh, YES, I love them both too, but the second one is SO elegant--and elegantly drawn, as well. I do hope all goes smoothly...thank goodness your brother is handy.

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