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December 01, 2009


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A working SHIP! Now I'm really envious.

What great comments and suggestions! Thanks for all of them! Miguel, oops, I forgot the salsa! Felicity, you made me laugh---and, yes, it was incomparably beautiful.

Oh congrats on your voyage! I'll be so curious to know where you go! Enjoy!

Laura, Your one brave women, I was born in Pittsburgh Pa and( still live hear) in may when the winters last bite was hear but to go out and be in the cold on a boat well I don't think that would be my kind of thing. I'll be in the cold hear and under the covers thinking of you with my heating pad on and my thick wool socks:) So so happy about your Mom.
To you and yours I send Peace.

Please be careful!

Laura! Sounds absolutely fabulous. We are thinking of going to Finland in Feb for much the same reasons! But not sure at all yet. I hope you have a fantastic trip and I look forward, as always, to seeing your sketches.
Bon voyage,

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