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January 19, 2010


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Thanks for your comments, peeps! Marly, I can. ;D. Sue, I didn't know that! We had such a breakneck whirlwind of a trip, I didn't have a chance to look up any friends in Paris. Jovanna, I forwarded your comment to my daughter.! Thanks, Neil.

Hey dear I loved your post and those orange fishes.
I am an artist from India working on Indian arts

these are fine

these are fine

Hi! This is random but I too am interested in attending AUP for graduate school. I don't think I will be able to visit before applying so I would love to know her reaction. If it is at all possible, I'd love for her to e-mail me. Thanks! Have a great trip!

These are wonderful, Laura--so fluid, (if you will.) Doesn't Rick Tulka's wife work for the American University in Paris? Have a great trip!

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