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January 26, 2010


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I just adore the blue greys in the top one.

What wonderful comments! Tania, I'll never forget your 'noodly lines' comment--remembering that made me see how far I'd strayed with the Faber Castell pens! Rosaria, welcome and please do! Cathy, oil pencils by Cretacolor. See my latest post for link. Robyn, I've been using brush pens for about five years, on and off, and I love them!

Lovely, I adore that little red open-top bus - we went on those in Paris, shamelessly touristy!

Laura, you are so intrepid. I'd never have guessed that beautiful, lively first sketch was achieved in such freezing circumstances.

I love it that you are using brush pens!

These are beautiful sketches!

such a short visit...but still beautiful sketches as always!

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