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February 15, 2010


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These are beautiful drawings, Laura. So full of emotion.

Beautiful sensitive drawings of your mother.

I felt your sadness in reading the text, but true to life are your drawings of her, and I can see you want to see her as the mother you know her to be, full of life and energy. Cheer up my dear, because your faith in her will help her to heal quicker (smile)
Glad I found you! -I'm a painter, but since I started blogging I've found out that people are interested in my sketches (some even more than in my paintings!).

Oh, Laura...the love radiates from your drawings...spilling out from the screen.
What a gift...what a gift...

Well, I see that I have neglected visiting for a while, and that life has been pressing on. I'm glad your mother had the pleasure of reflection on old times and of seeing herself through your eyes, your quick hands. These are lovely, Laura.

I'm so grateful for all your kind comments, my friends. This means a lot to me.

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