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February 21, 2010


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I love the fortune cookie motto stuck into the picture!

The cars and lorries are great, they seem balanced and realistic without being at all rectilinear, very clever!

Thanks so much, everyone! Elizabeth and Deborah, I used Pitt Artist brush pens and Bienfang watercolor brush pens (which I don't recommend, actually) as I was in the car sketching and then added some splashes of watercolor when I got home. I make a big mess in the car. Oops.

i love that you sketch in the car too! always working ;)


Your sketches have a lot of energy and I can hear the trucks on the road and see the cars tooting along. Love the colors, too!

err - that was road.

Amazing! I've tried drawing on the orad, but it goes way too fast for me! Your pages are all so well designed too.

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