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March 15, 2010


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Waterman offers something different depending on the era you get into. If you like high flex points, then you want the very old Waterman's New York stock. You can get more modern vintage items from the 30s-50s (including early cartridge pens). If you like very modern designs the French Waterman products also offer that. While I find a great variety to be present in the brand, I also find that if you're a big time Phileas fan, it might be hard to jump right into a 52. I wrote with a Phileas every day for a number of years and the 52 was a shock by comparison. I like them both, but find it difficult to switch back and forth between the two because they are so radically different. I just find the brand history to have a disconnect for some reason, between the old New York offerings and the modern French ones.
PS. Love the picture of Abby

dear Laura, I keep looking and looking at your paintings and think how wonderful and expressive they are, in both color and line. When I started thinking of attempting my own site I looked around at others art work and I kept coming back and STARING, and wishing that one day I will be as free with my line and color! ps: i particularly found your drawing of your mother very touching...Leslie B

lovely - I would like one of those pens too. Do you know about the VIsconti Travelling ink pot -works really well for me! - not a great link here http://www.thomaspens.com/visconti%20pens/visconti%20travelling%20ink%20pot.html

Thanks so much! All were done with the Waterman pen and watercolor washes---no brush pens this time.

I love the way you draw, you have an amazing style!

Great! This reminds me of those classic books which has drawing on it.. really good work of art!

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