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May 19, 2010


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when the plants thicken up, flower and cover the earth it's going to look wonderful. Rather like Giverny with an underlying formal structure to parts but then the flowers wild and tangled :>)

3 Wows...
Wow - what a beautiful garden - before and now.
Wow- what a great sketching trip.
Wow- what we have to look forward to!!!
Have a great time!!!

Looks yummy both ways...I can't wait to see sketches of your garden inspirations!

Your garden is wonderful! The trees give it such definition and character. I adore trees and can't plant enough of them.

The garden in its new robes will be even more beautiful as it fills in.

It's beautiful! Your garden has "structure" - the strong forms of the cedars and the paving and walls - which so many never achieve. The redo looks great and I hope you'll post more photos and sketches as the season progresses!

Wow! Your garden is a work of art in itself - it must be hard not to be inspired when you have such wonderful surroundings! Am really looking forward to seeing your garden sketches :o)

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