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May 04, 2010


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Loved catching up on your Turkey posts--so rich, so much!

I was cleaning up my eldest's dusty bedroom on Saturday (he arrived home about 2:00 a.m. today) and discovered a warped plastic bottle from his trip to Turkey. The label: DO NOT EMPTY! WATER FROM THE AEGEAN.

Still planning on a Chapel Hill run in July...

Laura, I'm a writer-designer who's just discovered your blog (via Urban Sketchers) and I'm enchanted with your work. All of it is beautiful and inspiring but the faces - that portrait of your driver! - are my favorites. Will be back often; good luck with the garden! Mine is just beginning, here in frosty Montreal.

thank you for Turkey... I love the lamps and the sailboats. Looking forward to France.

My daughter left for Bulgaria, Turkey and (hopefully) Greece yesterday....I would love a present from Turkey!!

Hi Laura, I'm from Turkey. Drawings, much like you did for my country I must say. I hope you will do a lot more pictures to get to travel to Turkey.

Thanks for all...

Yes, that yellow/gold IS striking ! These are beautiful ! What a way to commit them to memory !

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