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June 21, 2010


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Such Joie de vivre! Your lines pull me in to your experience. Best wishes as you tend to your family.

Beautiful Laura, like Kate I'm amazed at how much sketching you can pack into a trip, and every one works! Love the accordian sketches that connect so serendipitously!!

These are just wonderful, Miss Laura! I can't BELIEVE you got that much done in such a fleeting amount of time; elegant, rich, lovely...

OH LAURA!!! Beautiful sketches, really lovely. Do you knoe the work of a french artist Denis Clavreul? Look him up. I am sure you would enjoy his work.

I could recognize everywhere those powerful but elegant, intense and subtle strokes... tai chi strokes I'd say... I love them so much!

Delightful - we have such wonderful memories of the day we shared. We are on our way to Rouen tomorrow, but, unfortunately we have since fallen back into winter weather over here! I hope all is well with you, and that we will find timeto talk soon.

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