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September 26, 2010


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Hi Laura. Just stumbled across your blog, and I must say I think your drawings are beautiful. Such a lovely fresh and flowing manner, with a very effective balance of looseness and accuracy
Also excellent use of colour that compliments and intensifies your superb line quality. A gorgeous natural talent.

Wonderfully autumnal... Let the leaves and more fall; you will still find cheer, Laura, and cause for love and work.

Wonderful! You grasped the essence of their beauty!

Gosh, it's October and I've only just seen these lovely drawings - what's around you looks so beautiful. I wish you and us both rain soon!

Lovely lines - you're so great at capturing their essence with a few strokes. I like these!

Laura, These flowers are beautiful!! The mums? I think this is what they are so wonderful I sure wish Ihad been there to see these being done I'm in practice mod and mine are sure not anything like yours but with enough paper and practice Im truly in hopes. What color are these flowers.? How are you doing I in hopes easer as days go buy art sure does help you through troubled times of life.
Have a great day,

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