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November 05, 2010


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Wow, really nice sketches ! But I like budha picture most. amazing

Hi Deborah, great to see you again! I would definitely buy the Pentel pen---you will love it! And I continue to love my Schminckes. My only reservation is that the selection of colors in the 12 pan set may not be your favorites---that was Kate Johnson's disappointment when she ordered a small set on my recommendation years ago. Check which colors are offered and see what you think. I have a bigger set whose pans I have refilled from tubes, where needed, with the colors I prefer. I think the quality of most Schmincke paints puts them in a class apart from other brands I've used. Please let me know how you fare! Happy holidays to you!

Sorry I haven't stopped by to see you in a while! Your recent sketches are fantastic (no surprise there). I need some advice and thought you'd be the perfect one to ask. Cheap Joe's is having a major Christmas sale on the Schmincke Pan Watercolors. 12 full pans for $79.99. I also want to try the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. From your experience would this be money well-spent. I have many watercolors already, but have wanted to try the Schmincke ever since I started seeing you use them on your blog. Are the colors really remarkable in comparison to Yarka Professional, Grumbacher/Prismacolor tubes, etc.; or is it just the way you paint with them :-)?? I welcome any advice you can give. Now I want to see more of your new sketches!!

Thank you, ladies! Marly, I like the car, too---it was so very, very red on that gray day. Thanks, sweet Kate. Sandra, come on over! Patsy, thank you for writing. I use mostly Schmincke water colors, with some Daniel Smiths thrown in. I'm planning to do an updated palette post in early December.

Also loved the car and am always curious as to what products you use for your colors in your sketches. I mentioned in the past that I am Sandy Milroy Jens sister-in-law. Had a nice visit with them in Mpls this summer where we spend 2 mo.s.

These are typically brilliant! Gosh - I would love to sit and have a look good look through one of your sketchbooks for real :0)

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