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December 15, 2010


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These are fabulous. Love them.

I am looking at these again. I love that fourth one from the top. That thing (chunk of glacier? rock?) has a hell of a silhouette. And such bold lines, thick and thin, this way and that way! It makes me want to go find something to draw.

Thank you, everyone ! Marly, Okay, I'll come and stay and we can go for long, snowy walks, and I can draw and paint while you write. Deal? Norwegian Granny, hop on a Hurtigruten boat and go and marvel at your gorgeous country!

Gorgeous as always, Laura, and so evocative of the place!


You've really made these darker colors come to life so beautifully!

stunning sketches Laura, reminds me of my years in that beautiful land.
Have a happy Christmas xx

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