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February 20, 2011


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I love your Amaryllis drawings-that touch of blue on the stem is just what I have seen. It is as if you have been in my kitchen looking at mine!

Love your sketches... have a wonderful trip.

Great sketches.

Hope you have a fabulous time in Berlin.

Laura,How wonderful these pages are. You sure can tell youre sketchbook is brining so much joy to you. Youve been through so much this last year,Cant tel lyou how happy I am for you:) Looking forward everyday to see what lifes blessing brings to you:) Thank you so,

Love the rose petals -- can feel their "velvety" texture in your painting. You've really captured those cars on the road, too -- they are "jaunty" as you say and quite expressive.

These are all wonderful - but my favorite is the view through the studio window.
I once took my sketchbook in the car with me when my husband was driving, having been inspired by you following your last lot of 'in the car' sketches - but all I managed to do was stab myself in the eye with my pen as we went over a pot-hole! Ouch!
I must do some more sketching soon :0)

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