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March 15, 2011


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Gorgeous gorgeous animals. Love the POSE of the monkeys and also the setting of the hippos. I've got a grey brush pen that I bought in Japan.

Monkeys! Hippos! The city view is quite nice, but still . . . monkeys! hippos!

Isn't it wonderful that our daughters now take US to the zoo! :) I'd call this a perfect post, Laura. I adore your hippos and your monkey. Gorgeous sketch of Berlin and Art Supplies to feast my acquisitive little eyes on.

I'm not a fan of zoos, and not a fan of animal paintings or sketches, but i like yours, and particularly the hippos!! They look so relaxed, so ... free!

These are fabulous sketches.

I love these sketches - I like the animals, but also the background too. And I always enjoy reading about your art supplies :0D

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