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April 25, 2011


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I love your painting strategy Laura. And the paintings. Keep it up!

Thanks, Miss Kate. Product WILL come, but just not now. And while they're not huge paintings, I wouldn't have called them "wee," either. At 11" x 14" they're just about big enough to handle decent swipes with a good sized paintbrush, unlike many of the Painting A Day pieces. I find the teeny tiny format too confining.

I just keep visiting your marvelous wee paintings...LOVING that concept and though the intent is process not product, the product is still stunning...

Thanks for your comments! Now that you mention it, my plan does seem a little contradictory, but it is getting me back to painting, so that's what matters. Sandra, not sure what is the matter, but hope it gets worked out soon!

Love the paintings and sketches, and what a fabulous peek into your garden! Does make me envy our neighbors to the south sometimes -- we're much later bloomers in Connecticut!

Thank you for writing on this subject. I too have been working on "process not product." It is work, but at times effortless.
Your post "My big Fat black journal" is great! Your work is inspirational in all forms.
I ordered "The New Diary" and can't wait for it's arrival.
Beautiful sketches and garden, by the way!

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